the Unix on Virtual PC project
dedicated to getting full-bodied Unix flavors out of Virtual PC

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Virtual PC provides robust Intel architecture emulation and the ability to run other operating systems, not just Windows and Linux. This page has traditionally been an OpenBSD on Virtual PC page, however OpenBSD now requires little modification under Virtual PC, and no modification is required for installation as of Virtual PC 5 for the Mac. The emphasis of this page is shifting towards running several Unix and Unix-like operating systems under Virtual PC.


Installation directions and disk images will no longer be updated or providedhere. See below for notes pertaining to Virtual PC compatibility of specific operating systems.


BSD/OS freezes during the second-stage boot loader on Virtual PC 6 and below. While this is fixed under Virtual PC 7, the virtual CPU lags and the installation process never finishes properly due to device issues.


NeXTSTEP and Openstep
NEXTstep and OpenStep work just fine on Virtual PC 4 and 5, however, just like with Solaris, support for the virtual ethernet card has been broken under Virtual PC 6.


Solaris refuses to recognize the Virtual PC CPU on versions 5 and up, however a workaround exists (see Amit Singh's site below). Solaris 2.6 through 8 run just fine on Virtual PC 4 and 5, however the virtual ethernet card has been somehow broken in Virtual PC 6.


known issues

probably fixable unfixable, except by the vendor

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[11/25/04] OpenBSD 3.6 support




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